The importance of practicing sustainability in the rafting industry stretches further than just using the term, “green” as a marketing tool. Ecologically conscious business practices are the root of Salmon Raft’s operations, both on and off the water.

Owner Chris’ background in Outdoor Adventure Leadership guides the company in helping to conserve resources and preserve the natural beauty of the Salmon River.

Our commitment to sustainability is accomplished in many ways; here are a few of them:

  • We leave our campsites in a better condition than we found them
  • We support the local economy by using locally baked bread and other goods
  • Biodegradable cleaning agents are used
  • Recycling and reducing waste is our priority – the majority of our kitchenware is washed and reused instead of using disposable dishes
  • Carpooling and filling the company van reduces the number of vehicles that drive to the river