Ranked #1 McCall Activity!


We love what we do — and it shows. Sharing Idaho’s river canyons with our guests brings us so much joy, and our team works hard to earn your business. Salmon Raft trips are special for many reasons, but the incredible mix of guests from all over the world are what truly make each trip unique. Thank you for supporting our outfit, and for helping us keep the magic of the river alive!

Starr Family
Coconut Grove, FL

A rafting trip with my grandchildren had been on my bucket list since they were born. As soon as my youngest grandson was 7, we signed up. The trip fulfilled all my expectations and more. I wanted my grandchildren and their mom to appreciate the grandeur of our great country, see the stars, imagine how our great explorers and settlers went through the wilderness and have a great outdoor experience in a different part of the country from our home which is Miami.

We had been on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon with our children 30 years ago but since we had never been to Idaho, we chose Salmon Raft and the Salmon River. What a great choice we made! Lauren and Chris, the owners, have assembled an amazing crew of boatmen/women. They were competent, patient, intelligent, athletic, great cooks, handsome and beautiful—I would have been thrilled to have them as my kids! They were also great teachers about the environment and our responsibilities to keep it pristine. The leader, Tanner, is an EMT so right there you feel safe. The rest of the crew, Medda,Jasper, Blaine, Esme, Olivia and Rachael, all had a wealth of experience and were young and fun!!

Our grandchildren are 10 1/2 and 7 1/2 and luckily, the three other families on our trip had children the same ages so one of the rafts became the kid’s raft. If we weren’t going over rapids, you could hop off the rafts for a swim or use one of the rubber kayaks. There were plenty of thrilling rapids each day but I never felt in danger as I had total confidence in the crew.

The days started off with packing up our dry bags and clearing out our tents. Let me back up. The equipment raft has gone ahead each day and had the tents and pads set up before the rafters arrived. After a hearty breakfast, we were off. There were 4 rafts in addition to the equipment raft. Usually there was a stop in the morning for a short hike or for jumping off the rocks. The kids loved that but one of our group tried to use her go-pro to film herself jumping and that ended with no more go-pro which was a shame. After lunch and another stretch on the river, we were always greeted with a great campsite and our little tents awaiting us. There was time for a swim (usually with “beverages” for the adults) before dinner. Our group bonded so there was great conversation and joking. There was constant ribbing about our outdoor “facility” nicknamed “The Groover”.

We were on the 3 night/4 day trip so we rafted the lower Salmon and the Snake after the two rivers came together. I would give this trip a 100 star recommendation. It is not a “glamping” trip but it is not hard core roughing it either. You have to like the great outdoors and be a good sport but if you don’t have that mindset you probably aren’t looking at this trip.

This was the best family trip ever and will be one of those trips you and your children will never forget.

Andrew & Erin
Ballard, WA

I had an unreal experience on the river with Salmon Raft. A group of 18 did 5 days on the Salmon, followed by a jet boat trip up the Snake on the last day to the takeout.

Just the food that was prepared for us would have made this trip worthwhile, but there was so much more than that. We had a blast flying through the rapids and lounging through the calmer parts of the river. We played games at camp in the evenings, held rock-skipping competitions during lunch, and even got to hike to the top of the canyon for an amazing view. Several people in our group got the chance to fish, with varying levels of success. The guides even caught a 6 foot sturgeon on the first night – wow!

Every minute of scenery was breathtaking, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of the canyon walls. Every night we camped on soft, white sand beaches and fell asleep to the sounds of the river. We got our share of wildlife throughout the trip: bighorn sheep, chukars, eagles, a toad, and plenty of fish.

Every guide was incredibly helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I had a great time just chatting with the guides about the history and ecology of the river, and heard some great river tales too. It was obvious Salmon Raft and all their guides act as stewards for this beautiful river and this amazing place. And not to mention badass: hauling gear, setting up camp, cooking meals, and expertly navigating the rapids.

And the food… So good! I’d like to think I’m a decent cook in a home kitchen and the guides were putting me to shame, miles from civilization, 4 days after the coolers were filled. Nothing better than sitting on a white sand beach with fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon, and coffee as the sun comes up over the canyon walls. Every meal was different, and every meal was delicious. I mean restaurant quality, gourmet stuff, 3 times a day.

Can’t wait for next year.

Therese S

What an amazing crew and such a great experience. The guides were wonderful and knowledgeable. The Salmon river is spectacular and the pristine white sandy beaches ideal foe camping and stopping for lunch. They were so efficient and the food was delicious. I cannot describe how beautiful the stars were at night with no ambient light. I highly recommend this trip for groups of friends or family. We went through rapids of 1-4 and felt safe and excited.

Jay W
Renton, WA
This was my second trip with Salmon Raft but instead of 3 days we signed up for 5 days down the lower Salmon ending at the Snake River confluence then jet boating up the Snake to our take out. It was my oldest son’s 32nd birthday celebration, a super special way to go. Ever since our first trip with our whole family, all the kids said it was the best family vacation. So we had high expectations. Salmon Raft does not disappoint. The guides work so hard the whole trip and totally embrace a super high level of customer service attitude. Safety was never a question, even as we navigated class 2, 3 and a couple class 4 sections on the river. And beautiful? Amazing scenery all along the route. A perfect time for 5 days to be free from the burden of our technological world, reassess values and chart a refreshing course back in civilization. I also have to say, the food blew my mind. Every meal was a home run, prepared and delivered out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know how they did it, but they did, over and over.
Christine T
Ann Arbor, MI

Salmon raft was top notch! Super friendly and helpful. The food was amazing and healthy! They were highly organized and were detailed in reviewing what to expect on the river. The guides went above and beyond and always had a smile on their face and willing to help. Great for families.

Steve R.
Clifton, VA

The beauty of the Salmon River can only be matched by the beauty and professionalism of our guides. Upon my return home I quickly began to realize how much I liked sleeping in a tent alongside the running water of the river. Can’t wait to return for another adventure!

Perfect 10!

Dan Guay
Salt Lake City, Utah

My girlfriend and I booked a 2 day 1 night trip with Salmon Raft. Chris and Drew took us out and it happened to be only the 4 of us on this trip. Had a great time enjoying the view for the 1st half of the day.. then switched over to the duckie to have some fun in the waves in our own craft. (I would highly suggest trying this out). We ate like kings/queens for both lunch and dinner (great sandwiches, homemade cookies, steaks, peach cobbler, and even a few drinks). Camp was set up in an excellent spot with great views and an awesome beach. Day 2 had the larger rapids which I would also suggest doing using the duckie. It was awesome and a great workout.

If you wanted to be treated like royalty.. book a trip with these guys!!

Aaron and Megan
Loveland, Colorado

This was my first time rafting and it was awesome! I was nervous at first but soon realized that I was safe in the guides’s hands. Very experienced. Very professional. The scenery was amazing–so peaceful. One of the best vacations I’ve ever had. Salmon Raft is just the best! They take care of you and make sure you have fun, feel relaxed and just have a blast! Meals on white sand beaches–need I say more?! YOLO!

Lane Kofoed
Boise, Idaho

We invited two CEO’s and their college sons from California up to raft the Salmon River with Salmon Raft company and the experience was unforgettable because of great customer service, great food and great people at Salmon Raft. Thank you for a memorable experience.

Bridget Wyant
Chelan, Washington

One of the most memorable and exciting trips I’ve ever been on. I’ve never felt more safe and had more fun in my life. Guides were super nice, helpful and interesting. One of the wonderful guides even held a free yoga class on of the nights we were on the trip! Fantastic and fun trip! I recommend this for all kinds of adventurous people. Don’t miss out!

Tonasket, Washington

Absolutely wonderful! Restful, great weather, fantastic food, fun energetic guides. It felt like all our needs were anticipated and fully met. Our group ranged in age from 12 to 84 and no one was left out. By the end of the second exciting day of rapids we were all great friends who had started out the day before as strangers. Camping on the beach with first class equipment, even the eldest of the group slept well, and the moon over the river, what more needs to be said!

Thank you Salmon Raft for a great rafting experience.

I can’t wait to go again and highly recommend that this be added to everyone’s bucket list.

Spring, Texas

My husband, son and two of my son’s friends (all three 14 year old boys) went on the Express trip last week and came back just thrilled about their experience! From start to finish, the three of them felt like royalty and the personal attention was just incredible. Add to that a great ride down the river, it made for a trip of a lifetime. Extra kudos to their guide, Greg…he was awesome! On a scale of 1-10, this was an 11! Can’t go wrong with Salmon Raft!

Omaha, Nebraska

Incredible ! Absolutely the best experience of my life. The crew worked non-stop to make sure you were enjoying yourself and fed before they thought of themselves. Great Crew ! Whitewater rafting should only be done with Salmon Raft !!! Get on a raft with these guys and pure excitement awaits. You will love it !! Never before have I been completely amazed at my enjoyment. I can’t stop talking about this vacation choice and probably never will. Greg and Drew thanks. Chris, you developed a great team.

Chelan, Washington

We enjoyed a three day raft excursion with a large group of family and friends. It was one of the best family vacations ever. There was something for everyone, hikes, hot springs, happy hour and even a morning yoga session on the beach. Oh, and some great rapids and rafting too. Chris, Lauren and all the guides were always one step ahead to make sure everyone’s needs were well taken care of. Our group included lots of teenagers and young adults and they all had a fantastic time. No cell phones, no internet, just lots of conversation and adventure.

Ehlers Trip
Seattle, Washington

Five female friends of a certain age, enjoyed a two-day rafting trip down the Salmon River with guides Drew and Greg. It was a fantastic, well organized, and exciting trip. From the early morning start to the mid afternoon end a day later, we were thoroughly indulged. From the lunches (what a variety of choices: fresh fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, home baked cookies and salads) to the sublime experience of eating a three course dinner on a beach (steaks, Portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, wine, champagne, beers and a peach cobbler which blew our collective socks off) we felt really spoiled!
Our guides were efficient, charming, worked incredibly hard to ensure we could relax and do some bonding. A Bocce ball competition kept us awake till late and as we retired to our tents, the sky exploded with stars.

This trip was better than anything I had anticipated. The owners, Lauren and Chris have such a fine tuned sense of customer service, many other places could do well to follow their example. This is an unreserved five star review for Salmon Raft, and we’ll be back!!

Wow, what a fantastic 2 day trip five middle aged ladies had this past weekend with Salmon Raft! The rafting was great fun, exciting as well as relaxing. The Salmon River and surrounding scenery is gorgeous, I was happy to see it so pristine. Our guides Drew and Greg were delightful, very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, they worked extremely hard to make sure we had a wonderful experience and stayed safe. We were certainly pampered! The food was delicious, sleeping equipment very comfortable, all equipment is in excellent condition.

I highly recommend this company, our experience couldn’t have been better!

Wolff Family
Ketchum, Idaho

We’ve done many rafting trips over the years and this was certainly the best. Safety was paramount, knowledgeable and experienced guides, great coordination for our large group. Highly recommended.

San Francisco, California

In June 2014 my family and I went to McCall for a big family get away. I discovered Salmon Raft online and corresponded with Salmon Raft (Lauren) about setting up a trip. Lauren was prompt to respond, flexible and accommodating with our group. We did the shorter day trip and totally got our monies worth. From planning the trip to executing the trip Salmon raft is top notch. The ride was safe, exciting and beautiful. My highlight of the trip was the guide taking us on a short hike up to a mountain hot springs (hollowed out log filled up with natural hot water). So cool!

San Francisco, California

This was my first rafting experience, but I am now definitely hooked. From the minute we showed up, Chris was helpful, informative, and friendly. The snacks provided were just what you need on a trip like this–Lauren even baked us cookies (which were AMAZING). I have never laughed so hard in my life, and look forward to doing this again. My friends and I are even thinking of booking a 2-4 day trip in the future ūüôā


Chris and Lauren, the owners, are great. Lauren was timely returning emails and always available by phone to answer questions. Chris was an awesome guide on the river….safe, knowledgable, and friendly. Our trip was modified to accommodate a 6 and 8 year old, as well as two seniors. The lunch was well thought out and delicious. They went to the trouble to bring a lot of fresh and healthy food to meet everyone’s tastes. All the guides on our trip were fun and friendly. I highly recommend Salmon Raft!

Rodich Family


I just wanted to thank you both for working with my group to customize our rafting trip. Reducing the travel distance made the trip more of a manageable time from and we experienced the rapids in both the rafts and kayak. Our friends and kids loved it! White water rafting is definitely an activity we will do again and again. The guides were experienced and very friendly.

It was really great that Chris took some amazing photos of our group going thru the rapids so we could remember the great time we had. I know it is just a hobby of Chris’ but that was a special extra touch that capped off an amazing trip.

Thanks again for the memorizes that will last a lifetime.

Sharon and Marlo

My husband and I chose Salmon Raft for our anniversary trip and we had a great time we will always remember. Everyone was so kind, professional and they gave 100%. They made sure we were taken care of and felt safe while having and absolute blast!! They had our favorite drinks and delicious homemade cookies ready for us. I can’t say enough about how wonderful these people are. I would highly recommend Salmon Raft to everyone!!

Vick Family

Chris and Lauren were fantastic. The trip was well planned, food tasted great, and the water was perfect. We have been on whitewater trips before and this ranks with the best. We will definitely be back next year, hopefully for a multi-day trips. Everyone was all smiles. Thanks to Salmon Raft for a fantastic day on a beautiful river.

Williams Family

Everything about this rafting company was fabulous! Earlier this summer I contacted them from their website about possible dates and Lauren responded very quickly. We confirmed our trip and had a quick call to provide payment details and we were done. My family did a one-day rafting trip on August 6th and it was great! Everything was on schedule and as communicated. We met Lauren at the ending point for a shuttle to the start. She was on time and was a very safe driver on a small/narrow road. The rafting trip was quick to get started and we had GREAT guide – JAKE! He was a great ‘rafter’, but was also very funny and entertaining. We experienced some very good rapids and had the opportunity to swim/float several times during the day. Lunch was very yummy – my teenage kids even commented that it was a gourmet lunch (as advertised)!! I would not change a thing about this trip. I hope we will have the opportunity to do an overnight trip next time!

Barnes Family

We just returned from a fantastic 2-day trip down the Salmon River. The food was first class and we had a great experience from the get-go with Chris and Lauren who answered all of our questions. Jake was our guide, and he shared a lot of information and helped to make the ride fun for our kids (ages 9, 12 and 15). I highly recommend this trip if you are looking for an overnight adventure. We were served four meals which included steak and wine for dinner with fresh-grilled vegetables, a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and blueberry pancakes and two filling lunches that included homemade cookies. Not much more you could ask for!

Roberts Family

Our day trip on the river was exciting. Jake, our guide, was accommodating with the teenagers allowing them time in the inflatable kayak and plenty of personal instruction to improve their rides through the rapids. The ride from McCall seemed to fly by while anticipation for the trip built. The twenty miles on the river flew by and the kids said they wanted to do it again soon! The getting wet was refreshing. Food was fabulous. Thanks Jake, Chris, & Lauren!


We rafted the Salmon River over night with a group of 12, ages 13 to 57. Salmon Raft took care of everything and made it look all so easy. Owners Chris and Lauren, and the professional staff they utilize, made sure our adventure was safe, relaxing and treated us all like we were royalty. The attention to detail was unparalleled, the food was amazing (bruschetta appetizers, rib eyes grilled perfectly, and peach cobbler), and we really enjoyed the stories they told while we floated some of the best canyon country anywhere. We compared their pricing to other outfits and believe Salmon Raft provides the best value on the river.

Henry Family

Wow! What an awesome adventure with the Salmon Raft crew in gorgeous McCall, Idaho. The three of us (teenage son in tow) joined friends over the 4th of July for a two day overnight river trip. We loved it! The SR crew made us feel so comfortable and ready for adventure. Their expertise on the river, knowledge of the area, attention to all the details and the fabulous food made the whole experience a great value. The opportunity to gaze under the stars next to a beautiful natural river was unforgettable. Thank you Salmon Raft crew!

Amento Family

To experience a trip with Salmon Raft is to have a little slice of heaven. Can’t recommend it highly enough. The service, attention to detail, comfort, wonderful food (think homemade fresh peach cobbler, cooked Dutch oven on the beach), were all top notch!! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The Salmon River is an absolutely beautiful place to go rafting. There are several warm, sandy beaches. Beautiful rock formations tower over you as you head down the river. In addition, there is lush green foliage to admire, and lots of wildlife to see. We met Herman! When can I go again?! Oh wait, did I mention the awesome rapids……?

Stanaway Family

Salmon Raft offered us (my husband, son and myself) the BEST rafting experience we have ever had! Our guide took expert care to read the river before each “rapids experience” to ensure our safety. Prior to rafting the Salmon, Derek observed the highest class rapids to plan for the execution of those rapids. Two experienced raft guides followed our raft in case a water rescue was necessary. Additionally, an inflatable kayak was brought for the use of the more adventuresome – after several rapids in the raft, our son chose to run the Salmon in the kayak. With individualized instruction for managing the kayak and safety protocols explained, our son extended his river experience paddling the kayak, Great consideration for his safety was provided. Our guide chose the water path for the kayak carefully, avoiding the most dangerous sections of the river, while offering class 3 paddling for our son. Certainly, this was the most safety-driven rafting experience we have had.

The guides are very personable. After the hour ride to the drop-off, conversations had turned strangers to friends. Everyone involved in our experience was considerate, informed and positive. Laughter and stories (primarily of fishing and other outdoor adventures) were freely exchanged.

Professionalism is also apparent within this company. All of my pre-trip questions were answered thoroughly. We were carefully instructed in the “what-to-do-if” scenarios that could occur during a class 3 to 4 rapids rafting trip. While on the river, our guide explained some of the mining situations currently taking place on the Salmon. Derek also pointed out historical evidence of past living along the Salmon. He is also a “darn good” geologist! After telling me about a phenomena that occurs when striking pieces of quartz together, he found two pieces of the mineral for us to try later.

Lauren, one of the owners and the van and raft trailer driver, is also professional and thoughtful. She arranged our trip exceptionally well – there were no surprises. She even baked us “river cookies” the morning of our trip to enjoy during break time!

None of us were ready for this rafting experience to end. We have spoken of it often and always with smiles. We will certainly raft again with the folks at Salmon Raft! We are considering the two day trip for our next experience!

Leslee Dean

I can’t think of a better way to see the Salmon River and have a unique Idaho experience than a trip with Salmon Raft.¬† The staff was enthusiastic, encouraging and welcoming.¬† Our guide, Chris, was knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable although we had limited white water experience.¬† The one-day trip was a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure!¬† I would highly recommend Salmon Raft for a great experience.

Olivia Cueva
New York

Our experience with Salmon Raft was awesome! The team was warm, welcoming, and fun to be around. I had never been river rafting, and our guide Chris was really good at making us feel comfortable and at ease the entire way. He even brought along tons of great snacks! If you are looking for a fun and thrilling time with an experienced team, definitely go with Salmon Raft — it will be an adventure you’ll never forget.

Martha Ham

When I went to their web site I¬†could sense their environmental commitment,¬†youthful enthusiasm and air of¬†competence. As my son (who is guiding in the¬†Grand Canyon would say)¬†the¬†SR Crew seem to¬†have¬†“the teelos.” I just trusted them!¬† Other companies seemed to be of the old¬†guard which is ok but not as interesting. Strong people pitch!

Nate and Jen Smith

Our experience with Salmon Raft was excellent from the beginning to end. Making reservations online, getting questions answered prior to the trip, and even rescheduling our trip due to illness was simple and stress free. Lauren was great to work prior to the trip and Chris and his guides were fantastic throughout our entire experience down the river. They offered a variety of float options, from leisurely to more adventurous float kayaking. Perfect for all experience levels. We plan on returning with friends to do an overnight two day trip soon.