Salmon Raft offered us (my husband, son and myself) the BEST rafting experience we have ever had! Our guide took expert care to read the river before each “rapids experience” to ensure our safety. Prior to rafting the Salmon, Derek observed the highest class rapids to plan for the execution of those rapids. Two experienced raft guides followed our raft in case a water rescue was necessary. Additionally, an inflatable kayak was brought for the use of the more adventuresome – after several rapids in the raft, our son chose to run the Salmon in the kayak. With individualized instruction for managing the kayak and safety protocols explained, our son extended his river experience paddling the kayak, Great consideration for his safety was provided. Our guide chose the water path for the kayak carefully, avoiding the most dangerous sections of the river, while offering class 3 paddling for our son. Certainly, this was the most safety-driven rafting experience we have had.

The guides are very personable. After the hour ride to the drop-off, conversations had turned strangers to friends. Everyone involved in our experience was considerate, informed and positive. Laughter and stories (primarily of fishing and other outdoor adventures) were freely exchanged.

Professionalism is also apparent within this company. All of my pre-trip questions were answered thoroughly. We were carefully instructed in the “what-to-do-if” scenarios that could occur during a class 3 to 4 rapids rafting trip. While on the river, our guide explained some of the mining situations currently taking place on the Salmon. Derek also pointed out historical evidence of past living along the Salmon. He is also a “darn good” geologist! After telling me about a phenomena that occurs when striking pieces of quartz together, he found two pieces of the mineral for us to try later.

Lauren, one of the owners and the van and raft trailer driver, is also professional and thoughtful. She arranged our trip exceptionally well – there were no surprises. She even baked us “river cookies” the morning of our trip to enjoy during break time!

None of us were ready for this rafting experience to end. We have spoken of it often and always with smiles. We will certainly raft again with the folks at Salmon Raft! We are considering the two day trip for our next experience!