This was my second trip with Salmon Raft but instead of 3 days we signed up for 5 days down the lower Salmon ending at the Snake River confluence then jet boating up the Snake to our take out. It was my oldest son’s 32nd birthday celebration, a super special way to go. Ever since our first trip with our whole family, all the kids said it was the best family vacation. So we had high expectations. Salmon Raft does not disappoint. The guides work so hard the whole trip and totally embrace a super high level of customer service attitude. Safety was never a question, even as we navigated class 2, 3 and a couple class 4 sections on the river. And beautiful? Amazing scenery all along the route. A perfect time for 5 days to be free from the burden of our technological world, reassess values and chart a refreshing course back in civilization. I also have to say, the food blew my mind. Every meal was a home run, prepared and delivered out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know how they did it, but they did, over and over.