Five female friends of a certain age, enjoyed a two-day rafting trip down the Salmon River with guides Drew and Greg. It was a fantastic, well organized, and exciting trip. From the early morning start to the mid afternoon end a day later, we were thoroughly indulged. From the lunches (what a variety of choices: fresh fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, home baked cookies and salads) to the sublime experience of eating a three course dinner on a beach (steaks, Portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, wine, champagne, beers and a peach cobbler which blew our collective socks off) we felt really spoiled!
Our guides were efficient, charming, worked incredibly hard to ensure we could relax and do some bonding. A Bocce ball competition kept us awake till late and as we retired to our tents, the sky exploded with stars.

This trip was better than anything I had anticipated. The owners, Lauren and Chris have such a fine tuned sense of customer service, many other places could do well to follow their example. This is an unreserved five star review for Salmon Raft, and we’ll be back!!

Wow, what a fantastic 2 day trip five middle aged ladies had this past weekend with Salmon Raft! The rafting was great fun, exciting as well as relaxing. The Salmon River and surrounding scenery is gorgeous, I was happy to see it so pristine. Our guides Drew and Greg were delightful, very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, they worked extremely hard to make sure we had a wonderful experience and stayed safe. We were certainly pampered! The food was delicious, sleeping equipment very comfortable, all equipment is in excellent condition.

I highly recommend this company, our experience couldn’t have been better!