A rafting trip with my grandchildren had been on my bucket list since they were born. As soon as my youngest grandson was 7, we signed up. The trip fulfilled all my expectations and more. I wanted my grandchildren and their mom to appreciate the grandeur of our great country, see the stars, imagine how our great explorers and settlers went through the wilderness and have a great outdoor experience in a different part of the country from our home which is Miami.

We had been on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon with our children 30 years ago but since we had never been to Idaho, we chose Salmon Raft and the Salmon River. What a great choice we made! Lauren and Chris, the owners, have assembled an amazing crew of boatmen/women. They were competent, patient, intelligent, athletic, great cooks, handsome and beautiful—I would have been thrilled to have them as my kids! They were also great teachers about the environment and our responsibilities to keep it pristine. The leader, Tanner, is an EMT so right there you feel safe. The rest of the crew, Medda,Jasper, Blaine, Esme, Olivia and Rachael, all had a wealth of experience and were young and fun!!

Our grandchildren are 10 1/2 and 7 1/2 and luckily, the three other families on our trip had children the same ages so one of the rafts became the kid’s raft. If we weren’t going over rapids, you could hop off the rafts for a swim or use one of the rubber kayaks. There were plenty of thrilling rapids each day but I never felt in danger as I had total confidence in the crew.

The days started off with packing up our dry bags and clearing out our tents. Let me back up. The equipment raft has gone ahead each day and had the tents and pads set up before the rafters arrived. After a hearty breakfast, we were off. There were 4 rafts in addition to the equipment raft. Usually there was a stop in the morning for a short hike or for jumping off the rocks. The kids loved that but one of our group tried to use her go-pro to film herself jumping and that ended with no more go-pro which was a shame. After lunch and another stretch on the river, we were always greeted with a great campsite and our little tents awaiting us. There was time for a swim (usually with “beverages” for the adults) before dinner. Our group bonded so there was great conversation and joking. There was constant ribbing about our outdoor “facility” nicknamed “The Groover”.

We were on the 3 night/4 day trip so we rafted the lower Salmon and the Snake after the two rivers came together. I would give this trip a 100 star recommendation. It is not a “glamping” trip but it is not hard core roughing it either. You have to like the great outdoors and be a good sport but if you don’t have that mindset you probably aren’t looking at this trip.

This was the best family trip ever and will be one of those trips you and your children will never forget.

Starr FamilyCoconut Grove, FL

I had an unreal experience on the river with Salmon Raft. A group of 18 did 5 days on the Salmon, followed by a jet boat trip up the Snake on the last day to the takeout.

Just the food that was prepared for us would have made this trip worthwhile, but there was so much more than that. We had a blast flying through the rapids and lounging through the calmer parts of the river. We played games at camp in the evenings, held rock-skipping competitions during lunch, and even got to hike to the top of the canyon for an amazing view. Several people in our group got the chance to fish, with varying levels of success. The guides even caught a 6 foot sturgeon on the first night – wow!

Every minute of scenery was breathtaking, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of the canyon walls. Every night we camped on soft, white sand beaches and fell asleep to the sounds of the river. We got our share of wildlife throughout the trip: bighorn sheep, chukars, eagles, a toad, and plenty of fish.

Every guide was incredibly helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I had a great time just chatting with the guides about the history and ecology of the river, and heard some great river tales too. It was obvious Salmon Raft and all their guides act as stewards for this beautiful river and this amazing place. And not to mention badass: hauling gear, setting up camp, cooking meals, and expertly navigating the rapids.

And the food… So good! I’d like to think I’m a decent cook in a home kitchen and the guides were putting me to shame, miles from civilization, 4 days after the coolers were filled. Nothing better than sitting on a white sand beach with fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon, and coffee as the sun comes up over the canyon walls. Every meal was different, and every meal was delicious. I mean restaurant quality, gourmet stuff, 3 times a day.

Can’t wait for next year.

Andrew & ErinBallard, WA

What an amazing crew and such a great experience. The guides were wonderful and knowledgeable. The Salmon river is spectacular and the pristine white sandy beaches ideal foe camping and stopping for lunch. They were so efficient and the food was delicious. I cannot describe how beautiful the stars were at night with no ambient light. I highly recommend this trip for groups of friends or family. We went through rapids of 1-4 and felt safe and excited.

Therese SMichigan
This was my second trip with Salmon Raft but instead of 3 days we signed up for 5 days down the lower Salmon ending at the Snake River confluence then jet boating up the Snake to our take out. It was my oldest son’s 32nd birthday celebration, a super special way to go. Ever since our first trip with our whole family, all the kids said it was the best family vacation. So we had high expectations. Salmon Raft does not disappoint. The guides work so hard the whole trip and totally embrace a super high level of customer service attitude. Safety was never a question, even as we navigated class 2, 3 and a couple class 4 sections on the river. And beautiful? Amazing scenery all along the route. A perfect time for 5 days to be free from the burden of our technological world, reassess values and chart a refreshing course back in civilization. I also have to say, the food blew my mind. Every meal was a home run, prepared and delivered out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know how they did it, but they did, over and over.
Jay WRenton, WA

Salmon raft was top notch! Super friendly and helpful. The food was amazing and healthy! They were highly organized and were detailed in reviewing what to expect on the river. The guides went above and beyond and always had a smile on their face and willing to help. Great for families.

Christine TAnn Arbor, MI

The beauty of the Salmon River can only be matched by the beauty and professionalism of our guides. Upon my return home I quickly began to realize how much I liked sleeping in a tent alongside the running water of the river. Can’t wait to return for another adventure!

Perfect 10!

Steve R.Clifton, VA

My girlfriend and I booked a 2 day 1 night trip with Salmon Raft. Chris and Drew took us out and it happened to be only the 4 of us on this trip. Had a great time enjoying the view for the 1st half of the day.. then switched over to the duckie to have some fun in the waves in our own craft. (I would highly suggest trying this out). We ate like kings/queens for both lunch and dinner (great sandwiches, homemade cookies, steaks, peach cobbler, and even a few drinks). Camp was set up in an excellent spot with great views and an awesome beach. Day 2 had the larger rapids which I would also suggest doing using the duckie. It was awesome and a great workout.

If you wanted to be treated like royalty.. book a trip with these guys!!

Dan GuaySalt Lake City, Utah

This was my first time rafting and it was awesome! I was nervous at first but soon realized that I was safe in the guides’s hands. Very experienced. Very professional. The scenery was amazing–so peaceful. One of the best vacations I’ve ever had. Salmon Raft is just the best! They take care of you and make sure you have fun, feel relaxed and just have a blast! Meals on white sand beaches–need I say more?! YOLO!

Aaron and MeganLoveland, Colorado

We invited two CEO’s and their college sons from California up to raft the Salmon River with Salmon Raft company and the experience was unforgettable because of great customer service, great food and great people at Salmon Raft. Thank you for a memorable experience.

Lane KofoedBoise, Idaho

One of the most memorable and exciting trips I’ve ever been on. I’ve never felt more safe and had more fun in my life. Guides were super nice, helpful and interesting. One of the wonderful guides even held a free yoga class on of the nights we were on the trip! Fantastic and fun trip! I recommend this for all kinds of adventurous people. Don’t miss out!

Bridget WyantChelan, Washington